Preempt, Prevent, & Manage Injuries 

KinoTek provides real-time full-body motion data for athletes, coaches, and medical professionals.

The Problem

The Solution

KinoTek captures an athlete's movements and creates real-time data visualizations for instant, actionable insights that can be used to preempt, prevent and overcome injuries.

How KinoTek Works

KinoTek is the first technology to combine portable motion capture with machine learning in an intuitive interface deployable on the field of play. 

Our software gives you a full-body assessment in mere seconds without bulky equipment.

Analyze metrics right on the field of play:

  • Range of motion
  • Asymmetries
  • Body kinematics
  • Muscle firing patterns
  • Center of mass 

What Makes KinoTek Different

  • Real-time data visualization
  • Intuitive, actionable insights to give you the tools to make quicker diagnoses 
  • Deployable on the field of play
  • Compatible with a variety of wearables and cameras for maximum flexibility

In 5 years, as software and hardware progress, receiving actionable information on our exercise data is the future.

James Park

CEO & Co-Founder of Fitbit


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