Our Solution
Are you overwhelmed by excessive patient documentation? Too rushed to give the patient the attention they need? Struggling to get the insurance reimbursement you deserve?
KinoTek can help

Our software gathers objective, visual and quantitive movement data - helping you save time, improve outcomes and achieve patient buy in.

Get a full-body assessment in seconds.
70% of patients end movement treatment early.

65% of patients do not adhere to their rehab treatment.

On average PT practices lose out on $250,000 of annual revenue.

  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Objective range of motion
  • Body asymmetry measurements
  • Track patient progression
  • Customizable movement screening
  • Actionable movement data
  • Easily integrates into your practice

No heavy equipment. No straps. Just you and the patient.
less time documenting, more time treating

"Assess, Intervene, Reassess"

KinoTek seamlessly fits into your existing workflow. Our technology adapts to any functional movement screening, allowing you to objectively gather patient data and monitor progress.

"Every patient is different"

Tired of the same cookie-cutter protocol? We are too! That’s why we built an interface that can screen movements for every type of injury and assess your patient’s movement regardless of age, physique or background.

"Don't just get rid of pain; find a permanent solution"

True improvement can only come from patient buy-in. Our 3D user-interface lets patients understand their movements, so they can complete their homework and make improvements outside the clinic. 

Bring a higher standard of care to your clinic by leveraging more accurate measurements to make data driven decisioins.

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