America's Best Kept Secret

October 13th, 2020

Some people thought starting a tech company in Maine was crazy. “You mean that frozen tundra north of Boston?!”, “Isn’t that in Canada?”, “How are you ever going to recruit talent there!?” These were the common refrains from investors and friends alike as we shared our plans. Yet despite this chorus of skepticism, I'm here to tell you that launching KinoTek Software in Maine was the best decision we ever made.

Throughout our journey we’ve had the support of the whole state behind us. From the strategic backing of the Maine Technology Institute to the incredible resources of Startup Maine to the ongoing coverage in Maine Startups Insider, Mainers have been there for us each step of the way.

In turn, we've become resolute in our commitment to create cutting-edge jobs in the Pine Tree State. We’re not in it alone - Portland has become a growing startup hub with dynamic companies like Unstack, Hawkin Dynamics and Marin Skincare following the lead of global enterprises like WEX and Covetrus.

Maine’s talent pipeline has also been critical to our success with key personnel graduating from the University of Maine, whose VEMI Lab served as the company’s first incubator. The University of New England has also been an incredible research collaborator and has always supported our growth and provided collaborative opportunities. We intend to fully take advantage of Maine’s intellectual capital by continuing to hire Maine college grads as we grow our team.

Maine has always been a beautiful place to live, where good food, beer and outdoor experiences abound. But it has grown into a place to also do great work - where you can contribute to world class organizations, find top-tier talent, and build life-changing technologies.

As I type this looking out at the Casco Bay in the distance, I can’t help but feel that I stumbled upon America’s best kept secret. Building a company and contributing to the business community of this state is a privilege. You don’t need to go to Silicon Valley to start a tech company; it’s often the places you’d least expect that are the most fertile ground for growth and innovation.